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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh India

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 200 hour yoga teacher training

Training length

There are two types of training programs for yoga teachers, one is 4 weeks long or 20 hours, and the other is 6 months or 40 hours. Which one you choose depends on your time availability and goals.

4 week program consists of an introduction to asana, sun salutations, mudbra sessions, and chanting. Mudbr has more information about their technique and philosophy than the four-week program.

6 month program includes all of the above plus daily practices such as mindfulness techniques and elemental  200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh moves. Here students should spend roughly 1 hour per day practicing elementary moves.

Both programs include intensive meditation courses each weekend for 2 hours.

Goal oriented program with weekly reviews and planning ahead for next week. Students will be able to say they have completed the course when they pass the review board meeting and recital if they chose to have them.

Admission is only done after interviews and assessment tests which takes into account health history, back pain, etc.

Students that have had prior instruction or experience is not required for admission however it does help make things easier.

 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh

Where to find

The Community of Self-Realization Teahouse is located at the heart of the mountains in Binger, near Sanur.

Given its location in the Indian foothills, this studio offers some amazing views that can’t be found anywhere else in Rishikesh.

The teahouse is run by the self-realisation yoga community, whose aim it is to inspire, teach, learn and develop sustainable awareness through mindfulness, meditation and relaxation.

Accommodations are housed in beautiful, simple wooden cottages set among trees and flowers. Each cottage comes with a ceiling fan, air conditioning or hot water bottle, portable baths, etc.

Students who arrive for training have two choices: those who pay an additional fee for camping get accommodation in one of the couple hundred tents and vans that camp out together every night; others pay a higher registration price but rent individual rooms.

Older students who want to train with yoga teacher training program in Rishikesh mind body techniques will love this place! There are lots of natural springs around the area where you can take showers and bathe yourself. A variety of tours are offered throughout the week including mountain hikes, river rafting, and excursions into local culture. For more information about these sessions or other activities, visit their website here.

What to expect

The teacher training program is rigorous and demanding.

There are 16 people in my group from all over the world, so much diversity!

The course takes 60-70 hours a week for 4 months, which amounts to about 6-8 weeks of full time work.

I came halfway around the world to teach at this school, I want it to be as authentic as possible, and having the opportunity to connect with the students really stressed me out the first few days.

Every week there was a new task or responsibility that would keep us engaged.

Week after week we learned something new and added it to our repertoire of skills.

Many times during the training, things went beyond expectation — in a good way.

We were challenged but nothing too difficult – just enough to stay engaged, and give us an extra boost of confidence.

At the end of the four months, we received our certification and teacher’s license to start teaching immediately.

Our teachers spent half of their time developing their personal practices and the other half practicing 14 days yoga retreat in Rishikesh. I can honestly say that if you come to Europe and train here, your experience will never be more valuable than when you get back home.

In fact, I feel like the longer you wait before you go back to whatever country you come from, the less valuable your learning will be.

Why? Because once you gain knowledge and understanding in your training.

 200 hour yoga teacher training