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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course In Rishikesh India

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 200 hour yoga teacher training

Details of the 200 hour course

The training is led by yogis who have been practicing for many years and have achieved some level of success. The goal of the trainers is to help you improve your life through 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, not to make money.

The cost of the training is far more than what you would actually pay. All students are provided with accommodation at the temple where they can stay as long as they need to.

There are no meals involved, but there is a market near the school where you can get food if you want it. Classes start early in the morning and go until late in the afternoon, so you should be prepared to stay up later.

Trainer Dharana is awake later than anyone else, so you will probably stick out enough that he remembers you.. He might ask you about it later.

Food during the day is taken seriously here. You will learn to follow instructions quickly because eating well is part of the lifestyle.

Many people come to this school looking forward to learning new skills and making improvements in their lives. They leave feeling better and able to focus on something bigger.

 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh

Information about the school

At Avatar Yogashram, not only you study yoga, but also learn how to manage a retreat house and teach yoga. This is because our school is one of a kind. We don’t just focus on knowledge from inside the classroom; we focus on master teachers integrating their expertise with traditional practice, philosophy, and modern thinking.

We live in a time where many students are opting for digital education, so they can receive an integrated curriculum that combines technology and hands-on experience.

At AvatarYogis school in India, you will participate in 500 hours of yoga training and 10, 000 hours of community service. This is what sets us apart from other schools around the world. Learning yoga at Avatar Yogananda includes in-depth classes based on the tradition as well as lectures, discussions and guest speakers. You will also have the opportunity to volunteer your time to the local community or overseas through this global network of schools.

These are things you will do:

Participate in weekly forums where you discuss various topics related to health, wellness, lifestyle and more.

Attend teacher trainers seminars where current and past teachers share their knowledge and wisdom with you.

Take part in activities organized by the school to help you relax and reduce stress.

Build lifelong friendships that last a lifetime.

Description of the community

The course is very unique and offers individual training for 5 hours a day, five days a week, with an emphasis on sustainability and self-care. This allows students to focus on their practice while also improving the quality of their life.

There are many opportunities to connect and collaborate with others during this time. Group classes (of 20–25 people) occur every weekday, as well as some weekends.

Collaborations usually involve social events like going out to eat or drink or maybe even a walk around town. Anyone can join in any activity at any time.

Most students who attend the retreat spend most of their time practicing yoga, but there are other activities that you could participate in such as : [substeps] Hatha yoga water workouts Music Theory Dance Art Workshop Fishing etc

All of these activities support your daily practices through inspiration as well as relaxation. A night towards the end of the program promotes wellness by having something arranged so students can have fun and relax before they leave.

This is a meaningful experience where participants get to know each other. Everyone is welcome regardless of age, level of awareness or ability.

A common misconception about yoga is that it is hard work without reward. With the right education, anyone can realize the benefits of yoga.

As long as you put in the effort to learn the skill, you will see results from here.

 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh

Description of the teaching method

In this technique, there are two different practices that can help you to become one with yourself when practicing yoga. When you practice mindfulness, you focus on experiencing your senses (hearing, seeing, feeling), while thinking about nothing in particular.

When you practice mindfulness, you can simply let your mind wander where it wants to go without pushing it to move forward. You can start by trying closing your eyes and focusing on hearing what is around you.

You can also close your eyes and focus on how touch, smell, taste and sense make you feel good. Focus on each sensation and try to really listen to what you are being told through your body.

With time, more sensations will come up for you and you will find yourself much closer to being aware of your inner world.

The second part of this practice comes from insight into thoughts; these are things you already know. By coming back to them repeatedly, you keep your attention focused on something important.

How do you recognize a thought? What are they? And most importantly, who or what am I that thinks these things? You have access to information at any moment in time. So grab a pen and paper and take some time to dive deep within.

Let yourself ask questions and no matter what, believe them. Your own perception is key to opening up your awareness.

Throughout all of this, stay conscious of your surroundings, pay attention to your interactions with others.

Details about the prices

The course consists of 28 hours for students who come from abroad, 26 hours for those living in India, and 24 hours for beginners.

The fees are as follows :

For international candidates, $ 2,399

For Indian citizens, 1 month + stay free!.

$ 6,999

To secure a place, an initial payment of $ 3,000 is required — this will be collected before you arrive here to teach.

Thereafter you must pay $1,500 per week while you’re here. When we speak of paying, there are 8 weeks in a month.

So each week = $ 1,524. In case any changes occur, we inform you ahead of time.

Therefore your total payments till you obtain your TTC certificate will be $ 4,824 (including internet access).

However, if you require musculoskeletal treatment after your certification, these additional treatments cost extra ($ 499), bringing your total price tag to $ 5,323.

Application form

The application forms will be available from May 1 to Nov 30. Applications without an official stamp won’t be considered.

If you need more information, feel free to contact our education department by email or phone.

Our representatives are also happy to answer your questions.

The training course takes place between June 24 and Aug 6 2015.

For more information, click here for full details including costs.

To apply, please submit the completed application form along with its payment through our website.

Please note that we accept paypal.

Your paid applications will follow shortly after. If you have questions before applying, feel free to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Previous reviews

I had the opportunity to attend my first yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh, India last year. While it was not necessary for me to do this course to become a certified yoga instructor, I felt it would be beneficial for me to take this time away from home and learn more about the practice of yogic teaching.

I decided to write a review of my experience at The Life You Deserve. This will help other people decide if they want to take this or any other yoga teaching training course and give them a sense of what their life might look like when they finish.

By reading my review, you can compare it with your own experiences and determine whether it could be for you.

Here’s an overview of the program including all the details that make this class special.

Tips for preparing

There are many things you can do to prepare yourself for your yoga teacher training course.

You can buy some books about yoga lessons and techniques.

You can ask someone who has already taken this training course to help you learn as much as possible before going into the program.

You can review some videos online that discuss different teachings and philosophies.

There is no way we could teach everyone everything they need to know about yoga, but there are plenty of resources out there and people willing to help you find them.

Keep seeking out knowledge and developing a strong foundation will make transitioning into teaching easier.

 200 hour yoga teacher training

Startup tips

Well, I’m happy to announce that we finally managed to cover such a topic in my 200-hour yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh, called “Yoga Business Starter Kit”.

I chose this particular module because I wanted to share these methods as quickly as possible, and also because I didn’t know much about the project before starting it. 😉

So let’s get started!