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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course And Yoga School In Rishikesh

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

Overview of the course

The program is held over eight weeks, from ten am to five pm each day. All trainings are taught in English. There are twenty-five training sessions in this series. Each session focuses on a specific skill that we will need to know to practice yoga teacher training in Rishikesh as part of our lives. These skills include yogasanas (poses), pranayamas (breathing exercises), chandas (a traditional set of measurements used to guide exercise and testing), and mindfulness techniques.

Each four-hour training includes a Yogic massage using oils, tea tasting and cultural overview.

The cost for the entire month is $2000.00 Gst tax included. Payments can be made via PayPal payment or Paytm directly into my account.

My wonderful assistant Shristi helps those who have questions about the class. You can send her an email. She would be happy to answer your questions!

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

What you will learn

The focus of the 200 hour course is to develop your ability to teach yoga. You will build on any skills you have at yoga already, such as practice via home study or through attending workshops and classes.

The program will use 20% of its time for classroom discussions and exercises led by instructor Mike Katz.

Each class will consist of gentle yoga poses and some mindfulness practices to enhance health and relax students. Students who attend the training will lead these classes, helping them regain their sense of self-confidence and empowerment.

Participants will also work one-on-one with instructor Katie Clifton to create personal yoga plans inspired by student needs and challenges. Each participant will then further coach this plan during the four weeks of the training.

Katie will also discuss strategies for modifying traditional vinyasa moves to make them easier and safer to perform. These modifications will be developed over the course of the training, giving participants an opportunity to try them out and see if they enjoy using them.

By the end of the training, participants should know what yoga looks like to them, and have a clear idea of how they would like to move and feel when doing it.

Conditions for joining the course

There are only 5 spaces available per week, so sign up fast!

This is a highly developed training with strong focus on whole body movement, breath awareness and heart rate control.

Assignments must be completed to the best of your ability while also considering that you may not have perfect or complete knowledge of every topic.

Problems must be explained fully using all relevant reasoning and supporting information, including personal experience and research.

 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh

All students will need access to a yoga website (with at least a month’s notice), so that we can coordinate assignments and exams.

In addition to the lectures and courses listed here, there are various optional activities such as visiting the local temple town, practicing yoga outside and doing some hiking.

If interested, please mention “Yoga Tour” inside the details when signing up. This tour is run by Yogendra Swami from Dehradun over two days. He takes about 15-20 participants each year. The cost includes transportation, food, classes and tuition.

Online course

Recently I had the opportunity to join an online yoga teacher training program. Even though it was entirely virtual, Amy included many opportunities for us to connect in class as a group.

There were six of us in our batch (group) who each taught one week. On that Friday, we all watched a video where we learned about different yoga poses, tips, and tricks.

The rest of the weekend we spent practicing together, sharing photos and videos from their homes. We even got to meet some cool people!

On Tuesday morning, we voted online and then split into two groups. Each team was tasked with creating a photo journal page based on the topic given. For instance, both teams were instructed to use rocks this month for food related topics.

Team One found various pictures of foods, such as carrots, bananas, etc. and labeled what they ate every day. Team Two did the same using flowers, blueberries, tomatoes, and other fruits.

We gave ourselves 45 minutes to complete our pages. At the end of the session, everyone shared their pages with the group and those were the winners!

Later that afternoon, there was a short film showing highlights of the journey so far. The entire group joined Facebook and Twitter to share updates at night.

I definitely feel like I am part of something bigger than myself here. It is really making me focus on compassion and dedication.

Practicing meditation

In order to practice meditation, you need to establish an ‘intention’. This is where you decide to meditate or not. Then there are different types of meditations- sitting meditations, standing meditations, moving meditations and chanting meditations.

Sitting meditations are when you sit down and focus on your senses. They can be short or long periods of time, but they all involve stilling the mind.

A popular type of sitting meditation is mindfulness. Mindfulness is the knowledge that you are alive and engaging with life. When you think about being conscious, remember how surprised you were at how much awareness there is in every moment.

Following my meditation practices will help you understand what it means to be aware and awake. Such an experience has no comparison for any other feeling on this planet.

Another common style of mediation is focused attention meditation. This type of meditation helps you pay more attention to what you are thinking or doing. Focused attention meditation starts with noticing whatever you are experiencing right now as quickly as possible. Next, you concentrate very hard on something.

Yoga School in Rishikesh India

Later, you shift your concentration to anything else except the present. Finally, once you get accustomed to such sharpened attention,you relax and open up to everything around you.

Chanting mediations use a specific set of sounds (aliases) to promote a state of deep relaxation. Aliasing is used to bring together resonant energy systems.

Ayurvedic knowledge

A 2-week Intensive Treatment of 3 days/week

This intensive treatment is designed for people with acute or chronic health conditions.

It can be used as a standalone therapy session, or it can be added to your daily routine.

During this period, you will learn how to balance diet and digestion through yoga exercises, along with learning about hormonal issues and implementing dietary changes.

A full training day is offered throughout the week so students do not have to travel to Rishikesh all the time.

On average, students leave the retreat feeling better than when they arrived.

Helpful tips

After completing the training course, you will leave with many skills that are applicable to your life outside of class.

You will learn how to create practices for yourself from creation to maintenance.

You will know how to adapt classes to your level and ability, and enhance your experience.

The teachers at these yoga schools train their students extensively, but there are some things they recommend you do before you arrive to take charge of your practice.

These include eating well and relaxing (both can be done easily), as well as finding time to reflect on both your health and your mental wellness.

If you have a smartphone, use it to download apps that can help you stay focused on your goals. For instance, there are hundreds of cross-fit workouts you can choose from.

Also, look into websites like couchsurfing. Or, if you have a favorite habbo employee or member, ask if they would let you login so you can improve your health by staying active and getting out to enjoy public space.

Contact number

If you have questions, feel free to contact us by phone or email. Our staff is happy to answer your questions about our live training courses and yoga schools.

We run monthly webinars where we discuss various topics relevant to running a successful business. You can also meet other attendees and share stories from your life as a yogi or yogini.

There are many resources for those interested in learning more about meditation, including Buddhist mediation techniques.

Most of our teachers participate in Facebook groups which allow you to connect with others who are teaching similar styles of yoga. This may help you find additional materials or information that will aid in your education.

Our school offers group classes once a week. You can choose between an array of different positions and levels. See below for details on these classes.

If you want individual instruction, this is offered several times per day at the lowest level (beginner) through private sessions up to eight hours long. There are over 60 licensed instructors who work at the studio. Most workers enjoy one-on-one interaction but offer group classes depending on the season and preference.

The owners and educators started here themselves. They know what it’s like to practice yoga under less than ideal circumstances and want to bring their knowledge to others.

Are You Starting Your Yoga Journey In Rishikesh Or Bali?

Facebook page

“Rishikesh is one of the most beautiful places on Earth! The yoga community there is incredible, along with the various schools and festivals that happen every month.

If you like an easygoing lifestyle, then Rishikesh is for you. Thousands of people from all over the world visit this special place throughout the year as they pursue their yogic dreams.

There are many groups and organizations devoted to enhancing your experience here. The local language is mostly Hindi, so if you don’t speak it, that won’t be a barrier.

More than 20 festival events regularly attract thousands of visitors. If you prefer a less touristy environment, then these are excellent opportunities to explore Indian culture through art and nature.

Art & Nature Festival happens twice a year (art festival in May).

The Deepak Chopra Center for Health and Wellness offers specialized programs for children and adults designed to help them achieve personal health goals.